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Sneak Peek: Library Sketches!

As is my custom, last week I reported to the community on this month’s meeting of the Board. (You can find the written summary here, if you’re interested.)

At these update meetings, I was able to share the excellent news that we have now taken all necessary steps to begin the renovation and expansion of the Cochran library. Naturally, everyone is eager to hear about the details, and I promise that as we move forward we will provide full coverage on the web site, in the Sweet Briar Magazine, and in e-newsletters.

But I couldn’t resist providing a bit of a sneak peek of the concept, so at the update sessions I showed a couple of sketch models. People who were unable to attend expressed an interest in seeing them too, so here they are.

Please remember that these are sketch models of a concept, not detailed or finished building plans. I’m sharing them to give you a sense of how beautifully the historic building will be showcased by the addition. The project will provide improved heating, cooling, and ventilation throughout the building, wheelchair access to all floors and areas, and a number of new (and newly-equipped) learning spaces, including small group study spaces, seminar rooms, and a larger flexible classroom/learning studio. We’ll begin site preparation work this summer, and about two years after that we will have a wonderfully improved and expanded facility — as well as all the historic virtues of the existing building.