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Check Out “Project 306″

Students in the Business department have started a blog called Project 306. Here’s a quote from their statement of purpose:

“Our goal is to stimulate a conversation about women in innovation and all of the things that help us attain success. We’re exploring #womenhelpingwomen, experiential learning, professional & personal growth.”

If you check it out, you’ll find stories about Professor Tom Scott’s recent trip to Tanzania, recommendations about “don’t miss” TED talks (click here for one interesting example) a recent young female entrepreneurs panel, and lots more.

I was pleased that they recently asked me to contribute some thoughts on career planning. Here are the first couple of paragraphs of my post:

“In my conversations with students about their career aspirations – and I’ve had a lot of those, over the years! – I often hear them taking one of two approaches to career planning.

The first is goal-driven. These students decide where they want to end up and are determined to do whatever it takes to get there. (“I want to be a vet, so even though labs aren’t my favorite thing I’ll take all the required courses and then some.”) The second is more intrinsically-motivated. These students do what they love and trust that a rewarding career will emerge from their choices. (“Nothing could be more fun than mastering four different languages, and there are lots of interesting things multilingual people can do.”)

I am and always have been one of the second kind.”

If you want to read the rest, visit the Project 306 blog!

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  1. Tom Loftus says:

    Thank you for supporting the efforts of Project 306!

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