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Brave In The Attempt

Gathering before the first match

This morning we had an inspiring event in the field house. As part of a national NCAA initiative, our conference — the Old Dominion Athletic Conference — partnered with the Special Olympics to create a regional event. Sweet Briar was very proud to be the first host site.

Skills drill

Athletes from all ODAC member schools arrived at the FAC early this morning to join Special Olympians from across greater Lynchburg for a morning of volleyball. Three volleyball courts were set up in the Upchurch Field House. Matches and skills instruction took place on each court, music was booming, players were in brightly colored T-shirts, and all in all it made for a lively scene. Before the Special Olympians arrived, Sweet Briar athletes — tennis players, swimmers, field hockey players — got a crash course in volleyball rules and techniques, so they could help with officiating and, hopefully, keep up with their more-experienced teammates for the day.

I had the pleasure of welcoming the guests, thanking the student volunteers, and opening the morning’s activities. To start the day, we all repeated the Special Olympics oath:

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

I had never heard that saying before, but it’s one that I’ll remember. On and off the field or court, an utterly admirable attitude.



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  1. Alison Hall '97 says:

    Holla Holla to Sweet Briar and other ODAC athletes that participated in the regional volleyball event with the Special Olympians from the greater Lynchburg area! Since my days at SBC I have become a volunteer with Special Olympics and am proud to be a certified coach in Track & Field and Bowling and I am also the county volunteer Director. I hope others will read your blog and the current students will remember their experience from today and in the future donate their time and talents to this amazing group of athletes! Holla Holla!

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